Your Brain’s Biggest Enemy?

Take your hand off of the stove! Toxins could be playing a huge role in making it difficult for you to focus. MSG is one of them. Your Brain’s Biggest Enemy

Boost Focus with a Diffuser Necklace

Young Living essential oils can be used in the classroom or workplace to support an optimal learning environment. Some people even love to choose one scent while studying and use the same scent when test taking to help bring back those memories. Using an essential oil necklace is a great way to keep those oils close everywhere you go. You … Read More

Sensory Hacks for Fidgety Kids

Have you heard adults say that they are able to focus better while knitting or drawing? Giving children something to do with their hands or feet is often beneficial to them in the classroom also. This article gives great ideas for making your own fidgets. Top 10 Sensory Hacks for Fidgety Children

Reboot with Recess

Participation in gross motor activities positively impacts focus and concentration. According to this article, “the American Academy of Pediatrics says that recess is ‘a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development.’ Even adults have a hard time concentrating and working their best when confined to a chair all day, so it’s amazing that we expect kids to be able to … Read More

The Brain-Gut Connection

Have you heard of the gut-brain connection? Could your gut be affecting your mood, memory, focus and concentration? Supporting your gut is a powerful way to support optimal brain function. This is not just for those with ADHD, but anyone wanting optimal brain function. ADHD: Could Leaky Gut be to Blame? Probiotics and Brain Performance  

Sleep deprived?

Are you getting enough sleep? Is it affecting your ability to focus and concentrate?

Food dyes and behavior

It is time to cut food dyes from our diets! This abstract from one study shows that synthetic food coloring negatively impacts behavior. For more information about the impact of food dyes on children, research the Feingold diet. Synthetic food coloring

Weighted blankets

Have you ever noticed how comforting it is to have a heavy comforter around you? This article discusses the health benefits of that “weighted” blanket.