Fluoride, a known neurotoxin

When doctors want to get a medication into the bloodstream quickly, how do they do it? Often they give it to you under the tongue or between the gums and the cheeks. Who can brush their teeth without getting their toothpaste under the tongue or along their cheeks? I can’t! That is one reason my family chooses Young Living Thieves AromaBright toothpaste … Read More

Mineral deficiencies

Mineral depletion in soil leads to mineral deficiencies in food. Check out this article for links between mineral deficiencies and various health conditions.  

Are you magnesium deficient?

Nutrient deficiencies often play a role in decreased focus and concentration. This article talks about a link between magnesium deficiency and ADHD.

Exercise for your brain

Exercise does more than just keep your arms, legs and core in shape. It is beneficial to your brain and many other parts of your body as well. Here is a research study that talks about the benefits of exercise on cognition. Add some essential oils to that workout experience to make it even more enjoyable!

Where do I apply essential oils?

Where are my favorite places to use essential oils for supporting optimal brain function? 1) The fingertips and tips of toes – These are the reflexology points for the brain. 2) Brainstem – This is the area on the back of the neck where your head and neck meet. 3) Crown of the head 4) Simple inhalation by using a … Read More

Environmental Toxins and Wiggly Kids

Do toxins play a role in the way that our bodies function? Here is an interesting research article on “Exposures to Environmental Toxins and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in U.S. Children.” We should always be aware and do our best to minimize to which toxins we are exposed.

Implement oils gradually

If working with essential oils in a household with family members who have autism spectrum disorders or attention deficit disorders, please remember that these individuals often experience challenges with processing sensory information. Often these individuals become irritated by smells and/or noises. Turning on a diffuser with oil in it may upset them greatly if they have never experienced a diffuser … Read More

Toxic-free underarm paste

Most underarm pastes and sprays contain toxic ingredients such as aluminum and parabens. We avoid those ingredients and save so much money by making our own. We love it! It works better than anything that we have ever found in a store.

Make your seat a moving object

Dynamic seating options are often beneficial for helping individuals attend to task. Check out this study on the effectiveness of Disc O’ Sit Cushions on attention to task. I was taught in school that a partially inflated beach ball placed on the chair is a cheap alternative for those wanting to test the effectiveness for their own loved ones.

The Big Picture

Although this page is not intended to address any specific diagnosis, I will be sharing research articles that cover a wide variety of topics. I found this article very interesting because it talks about many of the areas that affect attention in children. It is so important to look at the big picture!