Wiggles Away is a very fun, practical and thought-provoking presentation that will provide any parent with tools for helping their child focus and manage their energy. Bobbi Schaben has done a phenomenal job of distilling her own experience in working with busy children down into some simple, easy to implement steps any parent can take to move toward a calmer, more peaceful home life and improved relational dynamics in the family. If you’re interested in a holistic and natural approach to behavior management, this is information is indispensable!
Dr. Tom Reed (Dr. of Podiatric Medicine)
In the classroom the tips Bobbi gives are so wonderful for working with kids right where they are, wiggles and all.Janis Brendeland
These are small things that are easy to implement and will make a big difference in helping children and adults focus and concentrate.
Sonya Swan (homeschooling mother)
Any family can incorporate this into their lives.Skyla Mann (homeschooling mother)
Bobbi Schaben hit this one out of the ball park. This was a grand slam. I learned so much valuable information.
Kevin Andersen
I always learn something new and Bobbi is such a great presenter!Aimee Carlson
Each time I hear you speak, you take what seems like rocket science and break it down into easy and manageable action steps to address sensory processing and focus. With just a little extra effort (not necessarily work) everyday, it is amazing to think of the change we will see in the world by simply sharing your Wiggles Away program! Wiggles away should be a mandated in-service day education piece in every school!
Karen Smidt